Best and Unique Career Options In India

India is the biggest country in population so day by day the demand for jobs is very high. As per the growing population and market requirement, lots of multinational companies are giving their interest in the Indian market. After the digital India movement, lots of companies are creating their Business hub, corporate offices & manufacturing industries in India so this is also good news for we Indians. Today everyone needs to settle their career with a good and quality job, so the selection of a unique career option is the most important part of life. Here you will get a better idea about choosing the best career option for your future.

Unique Career Options In India

Top 7 Unique and Best Career Options for your Future

  1. Electronics Industry Jobs
  2. Robotics Industry
  3. Chartered Accountant
  4. Lecturer Or Professor Jobs
  5. Media & Entertainment Industry
  6. Construction Industry
  7. Marketing Manager

There are different categories of jobs that are available in the market with a different salary package, so you have to know the proper jobs where you will comfort to work and grow your career. This list will give you a better idea to choose your unique career option for your future also it will clarify your all doubts about the different jobs which are available in the market.

Electronics Industry Jobs

Today the Electronics industry is the best-growing industry in the Indian market so the demand for the electronics industry is high. We all know that electronic devices are the most essential parts of human life or we can say that in every part of life we are using lots of electronic devices like Television, Mobile, Radio, any Broadcasting media Devices, Computers, Cameras, Remotes, Sound Systems, Lots of medical devices, etc. Electronics and electrical devices are making our life easier and reduce the human efforts, So day by day lots of manufacturing industries are build up in India and also they are requiring the qualified electronics engineers for their companies. presently we all are noticing that demand for Electronics devices is high, so definitely this will higher in the future. Due to this reason, this field will provide the best career option for a student. Some times you need to do some extra courses like VLSI, ULSI, C, C++, Embedded System, etc to gain more knowledge. This will help you to boost your knowledge and make you comfortable to face job interviews. Here the Salary package starts from- 2lacs Per Annual and it will increase as per post and your work efficiency.

Robotics Industry

Robotics is one of the leading industries in this modern world because today all manufacturing industries are using robotics technology and Artificial intelligence in their machines to get the best and accurate results. These technologies are reducing human efforts and manpower so day by day the demand of the Robotics industry is massively increasing. Experts say that one-day Robots will replace the manpower and it will save both time and money.

If you have any interest in this field then definitely you have to choose this profession and also you will get a handsome salary package in this profession. Today lots of foreign companies and space research organizations are investing their money in hiring the Robotics engineers for their research and development. In this profession, the salary package starts from (2lacs - 3 lacs) per annual and it will increase as per your performance in the future.

Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is a highly paid profession, but you need to qualify for CA Exams. After completion of the course, you will able to do this Job. Today the demand of Chartered Accountants is very high because every company or corporates has an Account Section and needs a regular basis of Accounting like (Tax, Loss, Profit, IT Return, etc), So due to this reason the demand for this profession is high. In this profession, you will able to earn 8 lacs to 12 lacs per year, but at the time of beginning, you can earn 4-5 lacs per annual.

Lecturer Or Professor Jobs

The lecture is a profession where you will create and build the career of students. Being a Lecture is a little bit hard because you have to clear and achieve higher degrees but in the case of Professor Its more difficult than a lecture. For professors, you have to clear some special degrees like Ph.D., Net, SET or SLET, etc. For both of these professions, there is two types of job opportunity are available in India one is Government sectors and another is Private sectors. Nowadays there are lots of private colleges and universities are opening and they are requiring permanent faculties. If you meet with their requirements then you can apply for their lecture jobs. Initially in private educational sectors, you will get 2lacs salary per Annual and it will increase as per your post and talent, but in the case of the Government educational sector you need to struggle more to get a job and after you get a job you will get a good salary. Here the salary starts from 2.5 lacs + per annual and it will increase as per your performance. Professors are getting more salary than lectures and their salary range in private sectors around (30k-60k) per month. If they are in the government sectors then the salary will be 1 lac+ per month. You need to struggle more to become a professor.

Media & Entertainment Industry

In the present world, the most trending platform is news, media & entertainment industry. Here the revenue rate is high and as well as the competition is also high. If you are spending your time on the internet then definitely you have noticed that what a video can do and how a video can entertain us and promote a product or information. Day by day the people are becoming digital and preferring to listen and watch the news, movies, latest tech, radio, songs through their mobiles or computers so the demand for the media and the entertainment industry is going higher. There are lots of posts that are available in this industry like Video editing, Sound engineers, News reporting, Broadcasting, Translator, Writers, Producers, Blogger, Artists, Search engine optimizers, Social Media Optimizers &, etc. In this field, the salary range starts from 30k+ per month, and definitely it will increase. The above figure is the minimum amount, but in this field, lots of people's salary is more than 1 lacs+ per month.

Construction Industry

The construction industry provides a wide range of opportunities for the present world. This industry is the main root of the economy. This industry runs with the help of multiple engineers or we can say different kinds of engineers are working in this industry like Civil engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, welders, fitters, etc. These peoples are helping to build the building, housing projects, plants, roads, bridges and etc. As we know the demand for the construction industry will never go down, so you can choose this industry to grow your career in the construction industry. Here the salary range starts from 2lacs+ per year.

Marketing Manager

After the manufacturing of a product, marketing plays a vital role to sell the products. Every company needs marketing managers to monitor their marketing strategies. Marketing managers are those peoples who are maintaining communication between the customer and the company. They will guide and monitor the ground level marketing guys. Before you become a marketing manager you have to gain knowledge about product representation, good communication skills, and all knowledge about the marketing profession. In short, I want to say that you have to know all the ground-level fieldwork properly. In this profession you will get quick promotions as per your good performances and also sometime you will visit the to field for monitor your ground-level marketing guys. This is a challenging job, so you have to stay up to date daily. The job where you will get daily challenges, definitely you will learn more. Also, this profession is providing incentives as per your performance. Nowadays a lot of young mass are preferring this marketing profession after completing their study due to daily challenges, learning, good incentives, and good promotions. Here the monthly salary starts from 15k-20k for the marketing guys and the salary for the managers starts from 30k+ per month. In this field, if you are doing your job well and increasing the sales then definitely you will get good incentives to include your salary.

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Final Thought

Hope the above list of jobs will help you to choose your career path in the present or maybe in the future. Also, you have to know that in India the demand for quality jobs is always high, so you have to struggle and compete with the market. Also, you need to do some special short term courses including your present degrees like Autocad, C, C++, Java, Oracle, VLSI, ULSI, Embedded System Design, Python, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing, etc, because nowadays companies are taking those guys who have special knowledge, which can increase their productivity and growth of their company. Initially, you will get a starter package of salary after one year or two years the company will increase your salary as per your performance. 

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